The Mother of Living Healthy: Frieda Caplan

First blog of the year and for our company! Yay, for first's!!! Which brings us to our blog for this week on health.

No one truly knows when the beginning of healthy eating truly began. The general public probably wouldn't be able to answer the question, or let alone know who initially brought the idea of eating healthy to our society.

Yet in the 1960s, a young woman by the name of Frieda Caplan, introduced the idea of changing the name of a fruit called the Chinese Gooseberry, to the name "Kiwi". The fruit resembled the kiwi bird of New Zealand to her and she marketed its benefits and new name as such, giving her the name "The Kiwi Queen".

Frieda's idea transcended the fruit industry and led to many sweeping ideologies regarding the idea of strange fruits. Because of her unique way of thinking, Frieda was able to introduce over 200 different types of fruit into our society, that brings healthy living to a whole new level. For instance, she introduced the ginger root into the food industry. For those that are unaware, ginger is a natural antioxidant for our bodies with unlimited benefits that science is still discovering today. To summarize it, ginger helps your immune system rid its environment of harmful substances and acts as a cleanser for your bodies cells, rejuvenating your system. The Chinese culture has been utilizing ginger and other unique items for their benefits for centuries, and thanks to Frieda Caplan we too can enjoy such benefits.

Taking the time to honor such a person, that many within the X, Millennial , & Y generation are unaware of is desirable and something we should all do. Sadly, on 19 Jan 2020, Frieda Caplan passed away and left her legacy to her children and granddaughter. So, the next time you head to the grocery store, pick up some exotic fruits due to their healthy benefits. Take a moment and reflect and thank Frieda for your weight loss and your journey to healthy living. Her legacy wish, was to be remembered as the lady who helped those "Be Healthy" -Frieda Caplan.

Thank you, Frieda for allowing us to live healthy!!

The Operation MedHelp Team

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