The Invisible War: Battling A State of Depression

All to often we hear that people suffer from depression and that services are available for treatment. However, what we don't hear or see is what happens to everyone who is suffering when they are at home by themselves without anyone around. This is when the effects of depression hit its hardest. Being alone while going through a bout of depression is like having an anchor strapped to a linked chain, around your waist, and pulling you down in the ocean. An area so vast and dark that feeling alone is an understatement. You reach out but the more you do, the more you are restricted from touching anything. When dealing with depression, we have to attack it with force so strong that it minimizes its effect on not only us, but those around us. Depression is one of many behavioral health issues that impacts everyone. No one has a coat of immunity that prevents one from succumbing to its grasps. Too often people within our society feel as if depression or behavioral health issues will not impact them. Well...they better take a real good look in the mirror.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, in 2017, over 17.8 million Americans were suffering from depression, roughly 7% of the American population. The problem with this, is that its only the amount of people who actually got help in the year of 2017. If you take into account those who haven't reached out or those who are unaware of what depression actually is, the percentage would be much larger. Since 2017, we have lost way to many precious lives from the effects of depression. The problem I have with studies & major health organizations is that they blatantly ignore the obvious. For instance, take the World Health Organization, the top 10 diseases or illnesses they list as affecting humanity doesn't even mention mental/behavioral issues. Although, a person is just as more likely to be detrimentally effected by depression similarly to cardiovascular disease.

Behavioral health issues are like the friends that you never want to hang out with but are always there, no matter the situation. They are the most dependable entity in a person's life, for some reason. The WHO should definitely consider placing mental/behavioral health issues on their list. No one can deny that once diagnosed with obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, & Alzheimer's disease to name a few. Depression is always involved worsening the primary symptoms. as mentioned before, its the most dependable thing in your life even when you try to avoid it.

However, there is help out there! Its going to take a village to defeat a beast as large as behavioral health related issues. If you suffering from depression or you know someone who is suffering from behavioral health related issues, pick up the phone and call someone positive and get help. Untie the chain from around your waist and swim to the surface. Focus on keeping your head above water, help is on the way! Here is a link to assist those in need of help or to learn more about suffering from depression: If you want someone to listen to you or a companion, you can definitely contact us and we will be there for you or anyone of your associates. The message that The Operation MedHelp Team wants to get across is that you are not alone and that our community is here for you. You are loved!