The Greatest Sacrifice: To Serve Others Before Self.

Serving your country is one of humanities greatest honors and also one of the biggest sacrifices a man or woman can make. To honor your country by providing your services to its virtues helps ensure the future of its foundation and longevity. With this sacrifice, many citizens owe a tremendous debt to those that have given their time, their dependents well being, and in many cases their lives to protect their brethren. As one of many military veterans that serve within the Operation MedHelp Team. I can personally say that serving our country has been a great honor and also one that has cost us a great deal, emotionally, physically, and mentally. However, if given the opportunity to serve again, we would do so without question. Why is this? Is it because we desire to place our families and our lives in harms way or is it the innate feeling of helping others that drives us? What I can tell you is that we are willing to give up our liberties so that others may live in peace and with the secure knowledge of knowing their freedoms will not be infringed upon.

The great thing about the United States of America is that we are an all volunteer force. Roughly, 1% of American citizens answer the call and serve within this great nations service. With their children typically serving when they become older, which leads to a vicious cycle of only 1% protecting the great lands of America. Where as with many other countries, serving is an obligation. Every citizen must serve at least four years minimum and in some countries, if the government has helped your family financially, you owe them upwards of 10 years of service. Furthermore, for some individuals, serving their country is not on their life time accomplishments list or short term to-do list. Then, you have those individuals who run far away from the military or anything related to it, except playing war-based video games for a small few. Why is that? Why is it, when faced with the option of serving your country some choose to answer the call, while others choose to ignore it? To say that I know the answer would be false. However, I do know that each person has their calling and to miss your calling in the service of self vice the service of others is a failure to improve society. And be apart of a solution and not a cyclical problem.

Now, some would agree with that previous statement and others would disagree. However, no one can disagree with the notion that the betterment of society is measured by the weight of its citizens' involvement within its system. So, why choose to avoid helping others to help self? When 1% of society has chosen to sacrifice their liberties for your well-being. A society of individuals devoted to self will ultimately fail. Although, some would say that certain selfish decisions can be beneficial but not at the destruction of others well-being. To sacrifice self for others is one of this worlds toughest choices many will make. To be your brother or sisters keeper is a great sacrifice and a difficult journey, but also the most rewarding. Rewarding in the sense that you see the faces of those that you protect and better and see their improvements. You see the validity in their freedom of speech, the freedom to bear arms, and the freedom to make their own choice. However, in a time of need, patriotism demands great sacrifice.

"Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of selfishness."

Napoleon Hill

So, I ask my brothers and sisters of this great country. Even when not in a time of dire need, are you willing to sacrifice self for others? Are you willing to better society with your sweat equity? Carrying arms is not the only way to serve your country. In this specific time of need of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic the need for more healthcare providers is more evident now then ever. We need more blue collar workers to improve our society. Being in the healthcare industry is a great sacrifice and is also very rewarding. Seeing the faces of patients that have survived the greatest pandemic since the 1918 Spanish Influenza is very rewarding. To know, that you had a hand in saving a persons life and given their family another opportunity to spend another day with their loved one is one of the greatest rewards a person can receive; ask any healthcare provider. So, ladies and gentlemen, here at Operation MedHelp, we ask that you look inside yourself, look around your area, and find ways to better our society. The simplest things matter and can make the biggest impact.

We are in need of change in our society. Are you ready to sacrifice?

As always, be safe. Wash your hands and take care. Practice social distancing.