Sacrificial Lambs for America: Using our country's veterans as pharmaceutical test subjects.

In one of our previous blogs (, we mentioned how serving this great country in the armed forces is one of the greatest honors and sacrifices a person can perform. There is no other greater sacrifice than to lay your life down wholeheartedly for your brother/sister. For those that do are granted peace forever as promised. As for those who mourn for their sacrifice, do not, as their efforts have done a great service to others and this country and will be honored as such. Which brings about the importance of Memorial day. Honoring those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. So, we as Americans can live free of tyranny, from the injustices bestowed on us by foreign invaders, and with the acknowledgement that our service men and women are the reason we live in peace.

Memorial day is a day in America which is observed during the last week in the month of May and for those that want to know, no, we are not the only country in the world that observes this day. In Israel, the country celebrates this day on the 4th day of the Hebrew month of Iyar (April). Europe celebrates memorial day (V-E Day) on May 8th (the day Nazi Germany signed their surrender agreement), and Russia observes the day on May 9th, as it was this day in their country when Germany signed the surrender. However, for this memorial day, our country is including healthcare workers into the memoriam of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. (Additionally, as you observe this day in honor of healthcare workers, please do not forget about others in less visible areas sacrificing their lives as well during this pandemic.) But let's take a different approach this time. Since we are including healthcare workers that practice medicine into memorial day. Let's remember sacrifices from citizens that have gone unnoticed, but are the reason we have medical treatments for healthcare workers to utilize to treat illnesses.

Any decent person will voluntarily make some form of sacrifice to better others, but in most cases we are sacrificing things to better ourselves. Especially seeing how we are primarily an individualistic society. But what about those citizens who unknowingly sacrifice themselves for the greater good in an attempt to better medicine. Healthcare workers use treatment protocols that are guided by clinical practice guidelines derived from years of proven case studies and in some rare cases unproven case studies. The use of these studies is to ensure that each patient is getting the best quality care that western medicine can provide. But where does this come from? How do we know that these protocols/guidelines actually work. Well by now, everyone is aware that case studies need to be performed to develop vaccines for the coronavirus, but case studies are also performed for every illness that we have and will encounter as human beings.

The unproven and unauthorized case study that I want to highlight is the use of Hydroxychloroquine to treat and/or prevent the coronavirus. A sensitive subject during the pandemic as many who follow the president believe that the drug is essential in the treatment or development of a treatment for the disease. The problem surrounding this medication is there is no clinically proven study the indicates the viability of its usage in any treatment outside of malaria. Hydroxychloroquine may be used to treatment Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Q Fever, and the three types of malaria with mixed results. For an individual to take this drug in an attempt to treat the coronavirus because it shows minute details of an autoimmune illness is irresponsible. So, the question I have is.....why, did the US Department of Veterans Affairs test this drug on our country's veterans?

As the pandemic continues and the country is facing racial turmoil surrounding the Floyd case, many are forgetting that our veterans were used as guinea pigs to test this drug and many lost their lives. In an attempt to find out if the drug would work in the treatment of the virus the federal government authorized the use of this drug in the care of veterans seeking treatment for the coronavirus. Knowingly sacrificing our veterans in an attempt to rush the treatment of an illness. Any provider who is touting the use of a treatment without the authentication of a clinically proven case study backing its use is a violation of the medical provider code of "Do no harm". Providers within the Veterans Affairs health system treated 15,000+ patients with this drug with data suggesting that approximately 85% of the patients treated with this drug died. Whereas those patients who were treated with normal protocol medications died at a 15-20% rate then their counterparts.

So, as you celebrate Memorial day, know that the veterans that have sacrificed their time, families, and themselves to serve this country are now sacrificing their lives unknowingly to protect this nation once more. As this pandemic continues to take hold of the globe and as countries begin to reopen, know that people's lives are being sacrificed in an effort to find a treatment. Remember all those that were lost to save America during a pandemic for a drug that showed no benefits during the height of the pandemic and still shows no benefit as we continue to ignore this pandemic's existence.