Our Future After Coronavirus: What can we expect?

As states rush to open their businesses to try and boost their local economies there is no doubt that the coronavirus has changed the way we live our lives for the present. But, what about for the foreseeable future? Which is a question that is on so many Americans minds. How is our future going to be after this pandemic? Will things go back to what they were? And most importantly, what will our sports world look like?

No one can deny that this pandemic has altered the way we live our lives. As a kid growing up, I always wondered in Asian culture why everyone wore medical masks while touring the cities. As an adult and gaining the ability to travel the world, I found out that this part of their culture is to prevent the spread of their illness to others. The principle is to put the well-being of others before self (sounds familiar right?). In the United States, scientists and public health officials expect and plead for our culture to adopt the same small principle. Whereas many Americans are looking at this in a different manner. If I do not have any symptoms or feel sick, then I do not need a mask and do not need to social distance or self-isolate. Which is not the answer at all. With other HIGHLY TRAINED medical professionals, we at Operation MedHelp ask that you follow the public health guidelines being distributed by scientists to protect others. Also, do not follow the guidelines of people who suggest harmful ideas or forgo the use of personal protective equipment when out in public.

However, with this information and public service announcements it is not slowing down the growing urge to irresponsibly reopen many state and local economies. Many careless Americans are suffering from a serious case of “cabin fever," where they are being stuck in their homes for a prolonged period and succumbing to the mental effects of claustrophobia.

So, to break the fever, many self-acclaimed medical professionals choose to storm the state and local government offices, in a desperate measure to speed up the reopening of their economy. But, anyone with common sense is trying to understand and explain to those individuals to decipher what is more important than your health and your well-being? I guess the adage of common sense is not that common but rare, rings true now more than ever during these tough times.

Now, there is some room for interpretation on both sides of this argument. Some would say that being locked down for 3 weeks or more without showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19 is criminal. If actual inmates are being released from prison, why can’t we be released and go to work? Another side would argue that staying home is safer and will prevent everyone from experiencing the mental harm of being alone in a hospital room and on a ventilator.

Brothers and sisters of America, please find the smallest piece of reason within your mind and nurture it. Grow it with the knowledge that the beach will be there tomorrow, air travel will not disappear, and to the hoarders of toiletries, no you cannot return them because you feel guilty or now you need money for rent. Some things will change in our future and others will stay the same. For instance, the government sent out stimulus checks for small businesses, but large companies received them (i.e. Ruth Chris, Lakers Organization, airline industry). However, after a few days some major corporations returned the money but why didn’t they deny it immediately upon receiving it? That is another blog for a different day.

As a good human being, try to understand the overall situation. Things are going to take time. When you compare things to war, you need to follow leaders who have war-time experience or those that are surrounded by war tested leaders. Please know that NOTHING is guaranteed in war, absolutely nothing!! Timelines are just projections and change like the wind. A war is fought in phases. The initial shock that happened in Washington state was the 1st phase, the 2nd phase were major cities being impacted, the 3rd phase will be rural areas being impacted and take the hardest hit. This will impact our essential businesses and incite another small panic as essential items cost more than gold and then the 4th phase. The 4th phase is important as it can be utilized as the rebound phase to put us back in the fight or it can be overwhelming on our infrastructure and we lose. This is totally dependent upon our leadership. Leadership will determine the fate of the country.

With quality guidance and adherence to policies such as social distancing and the wearing of PPE, we can rebound why science works diligently on the lifesaving items we need. As a human being, each person must weigh the important things in life. This is not the zombie apocalypse. No one is going to roam the country like Tallahassee from Zombieland looking for twinkies, or the Walking Dead and setting up little colonies across America.

In war, there will be casualties physically and financially. Everyone is impacted. No one is left unscathed. Sports will have to be frozen for a few years possibly or played without fans, which is boring but at least you’ll have up-to-date entertainment. Restaurants will have to adapt and move to bell hopping or delivery; the movie industry will need to reopen drive-ins and install barriers for cars.

We are an innovative country. We can work through this. In World War II, everyone came together even through times of segregation and racial troubles. If it were not for hundreds of African American women stuffed in a room then eventually into a warehouse processing mail, no American soldier fighting in Europe would have received their mail. Not One! We need each other. If this pandemic doesn't highlight the inadequacies of our nation, then we are a blind nation. If we do not change, we will no longer be the pillar that the world relies on.

So, let’s pull together and THINK responsibly. There is no age limit and everyone can do it!

T-Take time to assess your situation thoroughly. Quality takes TIME

H-Help where you can. Food pantries & processing companies need workers. Otherwise, essential items go wasted.

I-Innovate with others in mind, not money. Money is worthless when you cannot spend it. It is just green toilet paper at that point. No need to hoard Charmin, investors will have enough.

N- Never get complacent. In tough times, complacency kills.

K-Kindness spreads just as fast as an illness. So, Be Kind!

So, what do you say, want to be a solution and not a problem?

Spread the word and act, #THINKResponsibly.

From the OMH team, be safe. Practice social distancing, be smart, and wash your hands! Take Care.

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