Equality Matters: Minorities fighting to be considered American in the 21st century.


(R.I.P. Robin Williams)

The year 2020 is turning into a year of reckoning for the human race. As we reach the middle of the year, it has signified that we as a species aren't as all knowing and immune to natures existence as we portray to be. Additionally, this year has highlighted the many issues that plague our great nation. Issues such as racism that some once thought and continue to think no longer exist because the first African American president began his presidency at noon EST. Jan. 20, 2009 and left office noon EST. Jan. 20, 2017. No one realizes that the day this event occurred, our lives were changed forever. Not because the African American race has finally arrived and seen the election of the first black president, but as a society things as a whole were going to be different. Different in a way that the roots of the foundation of America were fractured and that the "winner's write the history" mantra was jolted. A way of life that was shaken to its very core, an event which signified that the majority lost. With this election, the root of the majority saw change that enraged even those that have gone on to the other side. American history maybe written by the winners but human existence is written by another, and hello America, welcome to a new beginning. See, this video for perspective: (https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Morgan+Freeman+Interview+On+Racism&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dMorgan%2bFreeman%2bInterview%2bOn%2bRacism%26FORM%3dVDMHRS&view=detail&mid=7F82C8359CD5B179DA347F82C8359CD5B179DA34&&FORM=VDRVRV)

After President Obama's tenure, our country was thrusted into a cultural twister that would reshape our society for the foreseeable future. No matter your viewpoint of the president or the administrations policies, no one can contest that the environment we live in now hasn't changed; the past looks eerily familiar. Minorities are victims of a culture that relishes in being identified as a great nation of white ethnicities. The root of our country was built on the ideological foundation of Christianity that the use of African Americans as slaves was predetermined by God's use of man to work for others benefit. (If you contest this, please visit the Museum of the Bible, Washington D.C., https://www.museumofthebible.org/). In our present society, to be American is no longer an identity of freedom but an identity of how pure the tone of one's skin is. For the level of contamination of a person's skin tone indicates some magnitude of ineptitude, criminality, and being of alien descent. Today, in our society, a minority cannot be a civil citizen without some form of judgement. However the judgement may be delivered, the fact is that to be validated we must first be judged by the majority.

But, why? Let's take a deeper look.

Every child that has grown up in American society maybe aware of the unspoken rule of, "Do not repeat things that are said within our home/group outside these four walls." This rule within our society is predicated on the notion of humility and compassionate behavior in public but realism behind closed doors. The election of the current president has opened the doors of families rooted in the foundation of America and spilled its toxic fumes into the air of our society, where violence at political events is encouraged and intellectual conversation is for the weak. For years, people of power have used their resources to take advantage of minorities. And, in this case, this is anyone who is not granted an innate privilege to roam the streets of America unscathed.

For when mentioned, a person is to ignore or be humble for their innate privilege. A privilege where false police reports are authenticated upon the verification of your skin tone. A privilege that allows men and women to carry assault rifles onto state government grounds and into buildings without reprimand. A privilege that allows a mass shooter the right to receive fast food in transit to prison. A privilege that allows members of law enforcement to use their power to silence minorities, and if unable to do so, taking their life is permissive by the inaction of public officials and judicial processes. For to breathe is against the law, to carry firearms legally is against the law, to jog for exercise and view a home in construction is against the law. And, to walk home from the store wearing a hoodie eating skittles is grounds for death since walking within a neighborhood is suspicious activity.

Being a minority in the US is terrifying to say the least. Each minority family has to raise their children with certain ground rules to ensure their livelihood. To forgo this lesson is a sure death certificate or fast track to the nearest penitentiary. Our presentation must be clean and clear of any confusion that could possibly indicate we are a problem.

As our lives unfold daily with the pandemic and the massacre of innocent individuals for the indecent judgement of an individual, let's not forget the truth...…we are all human. For racism has no boundaries. Racism is a multifaceted conundrum. A philosophy that is driven to the forefront within the confines of one's home and throughout the various media platforms. A cyclical time in history that continues to resurface daily. Even though racism is a conundrum, the answer to its defeat is simple, view this video for perspective: (https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Morgan+Freeman+Interview+On+Racism&ru=%2fvideos%2fsearch%3fq%3dMorgan%2bFreeman%2bInterview%2bOn%2bRacism%26FORM%3dVDMHRS&view=detail&mid=82A4C2ED9FDC8C3ECCF782A4C2ED9FDC8C3ECCF7&rvsmid=0CA878E6FABE8C7A8C630CA878E6FABE8C7A8C63&FORM=VDQVAP).

Some would argue that to discontinue the conversation surrounding racism is to ignore that it is an issue plaguing our country. But, to stop giving something life you must remove from it the very vital nutrient it needs to survive. Giving life to racism is continuing to spew its negativity throughout society. The way the police are preventing their victims from breathing, we should remove the breath from racism.

Stay tuned for our next part in the series of the Modern Jim Crow Era, where we will discuss the efficacy of racism, and if it can be removed and prevented as portrayed throughout society?

Remember you're either part of the problem or part of the solution. Make a choice!

Take care. Be Safe. Stay Blessed. Practice Social Distancing and Good Hygiene.


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