Happy Valentine's Day: Loving Life

On this day, everyone in the United States and in Europe will be celebrating Valentine's day. A day that is always reserved for the full spread of romance, ancient chivalry, and long lines at fancy restaurants. Tonight, many people will be getting dressed in their nicest attire to go out on the evening and enjoy what would be considered the best day of their lives. However, on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have those who will be alone this day and some have even named it "Single Awareness Day" or SAD for short. (See our last blog about the most unlikely and annoyingly dependable entity in your life https://www.operationmedhelp.com/post/the-invisible-war-battling-a-state-of-depression). Taking the day to either focus on self and do the things that make them happy or focus on the opposite and cry tears of sadness for a lost loved one, or dealing with a bad break up.

The thing that the Operation MedHelp team wants everyone to focus on is doing the thing that we all tend to forget...."Love Life". Far to often, we take life for granted until a significant event happens and we pause to take a moment to reflect, and then we are back to our busy lives. But, instead of being reactive. Let's be proactive! When you wake up in the morning take a deep breath and fill your lungs with fresh air. Allow the endorphins within your body to fill your brain with natural energy and most importantly enjoy it. The old saying of "enjoy your life today for tomorrow is not promised' is true and cliche', but why don't we do it? We are to busy to notice that a lot of us are running the rat race of driving to meet personal goals, other's goals, or running in a hamster wheel going nowhere.

Take a few minutes and stop where you are or what you are doing. Look around. Some will see positive and some will see negative. Whatever you see, know that life is beautiful. For you have the sight to see. You have the ability to digest information being displayed in front of you. If it's positive, relish in its beauty. If it's negative, know that positive can be found outside of the darkness. You have to go get it. Just like the first date. You won't know if the person is the one until you.....TRY! So take a moment and love life. For so many have gone before us and no longer have life, and sadly to say many will continue to go as life has intended. Therefore, know that with every breath you take, and every step you take, life becomes even more precious and is worth cherishing.

From the OpMedHelp Team....Love Life Everyone and Happy Valentine's Day. Be Safe and Take Care!