A Village Without a Vision Will Perish: How vision is the foundation of successful leadership.

At a time when things in our world are coming to a stand still and nothing seems to be going the way that the prominent 1% had planned, where is the leadership? Where is the guidance? What is the plan? Does anyone know exactly what is going on? What is someone going to do about any given problem? To answer all of those questions, a leader needs a vision. A leader cannot lead without an established guideline of where they want to go. No vision or foresight will only lead to disarray, confusion, chaos, and ultimately destruction. For instance, take the coronavirus pandemic taking the globe by storm. Where is the leadership? The #1 country the world is having the hardest time finding direction. A country that thought it was immune to third world issues is now falling victim to its own misunderstanding of one thing: Leadership.

A LEADER would have planned accordingly to ensure that those under their charge are properly prepared, equipped, and and ready to execute any designed planned. But a plan is only as good as its foundation. Simply put, The United States of America does not have a vision. Where is this country going? What is our plan? How are we going to stop thousands of Americans from dying. Our allies have acted swiftly and have already seen decreases in the deaths of their citizens, yet the #1 country in the world can't seem to produce enough testing kits. Aren't we the best country in the world? Don't we have the best resources to accomplish any task known to man? Then, why are we struggling to stand. In times of trial, the lesser looks to the top for guidance. For some, that top is spiritual but for others it is one man and his staff.

To effectively lead, the tip of the spear must be sharpened, straight, and strong. To be sharpened, a leader must have been through certain trials that required an established vision to see themselves and others through. A tested leader has been sharpened with steel, as the tests have strained their mental and physical capabilities. Leaving the leader to be humbled and rely on assets that many refuse to rely on to see themselves through...the lesser of themselves.

All tests require some form of plan or strategy to ensure success. To be straightened, a leader must have been thrown off course and been able to right the ship to get back on course. Not all plans are successful. Plans are meant to be flexed, altered, and sometimes destroyed. But, if the vision remains the same. A changed plan will still have the compass pointing in the right direction allowing the team to get back on course. To be strong, a leader's foundation has to be rooted in one thing....truth. For if your foundation is not rooted in truth, than it is susceptible to being broken from within and outside of your organization. Truth is the key to a strong spear. It gives those that follow a strong belief that success is inevitable and nothing can thwart your movement to see your goal through. When things get leery, unstable, and the destruction of your organization seems impossible to stop. The strength of the spear will give the weak something to lean on. Where is America's spear?

In a time when your organization is without a leader, all it takes is a stand from within to lead the way through to success. But, you too will need a vision. Otherwise, your efforts will be futile similar to the proposed efforts to save the American people from the coronavirus pandemic and calm their fears.

If your looking for help finding your vision, come check us out here at Operation MedHelp. We have trained professionals in leadership development that are ready to help you and your organization succeed. As always, be safe and take care. Wash your hands. If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready. The OpMedHelp Team.