Frequently asked questions

What is the primary role of Operation MedHelp?

Our primary role here at Operation MedHelp is to help clients gain access to healthcare through telehealth services. We also take pride in our ability to be a diverse organization which can assist clients in other areas such as life coaching, patient advocacy, and professional development.

What services do you offer?

We offer telehealth, life coaching, patient advocacy, and professional development. To schedule an appointment, please click here

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not accept insurance. We are unable to accept insurance because we are not licensed medical professionals. Furthermore, we are not licensed mental health providers (Psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, or therapists). We are certified consultants with sound experience and education in the services we provide.

What is a patient advocate?

A patient advocate is a person who assists a patient/client through the healthcare system. An advocate assists a client in understanding screenings, diagnoses, treatment, and follow-up of a medical condition. Furthermore, they also serve as a medium between the patient and their healthcare team, so the patient can be properly informed to make appropriate healthcare decisions. Patient advocates also help patient establish appointments, schedule medical tests, and obtain financial, legal, and social support. Additionally, patient advocates can help navigate the health insurance arena with employers, case managers, and other individuals impacting a patient's healthcare needs.

What services do you provide as an advocate for patients?

If you are interested in hiring OMH as your patient advocate, we are able to provide: Medical/Navigational assistance - assistance finding a provider - coordinating care with medical professionals - patient education Insurance assistance - understanding insurance policies - review insurance claims & medical bills

How many sessions do I receive for Life coaching & Professional development?

Each service will indicate how many sessions are authorized after purchase. Sessions can also be extended at additional costs.

How can I get access to a medical provider during COVID?

Here at Operation MedHelp, we have partnered with MyTelemedicine to provide Access to a Doctor via telehealth services. Once enrolled, you will be able to contact a US Board certified medical provider and discuss primary care medical issues, and receive prescriptions for treatment. Providers are able to treat individuals from 2-80 years old and no insurance is required. For more information click here.